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Baosteel high-grade bearing steel to
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   SKF's suppliers is the highest goal of all bearing steel production enterprises, Yu said the product quality and management of the bearing steel production enterprises has reached world-class level. In 2009, Baosteel signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SKF. Year, Baosteel start Grade3 for SKF high-end bearing steel trial. Baosteel on the work of the trial was set up to  promote the leading group headed by the deputy general manager of Baosteel, Jiang Licheng, and set up by the Special Steel Division Steel Division of Baosteel Research Institute, manufacturing, management and other departments composed of SKF Bearing Steel research team.
    Grade3 bearing steel narrow range of technology, process control requirements, especially on the smelting inclusions ribbon carbide liquation stringent requirements, production extremely difficult. Baosteel research team to obtain the support of the SKF technical experts, and the SKF laboratory benchmarking to establish the criteria of the SKF bearing steel, and the quality of design, process management, inspection and analysis management, and user tracking implementation of unified management. In the trial process, the research team to implement week in and week reading, brainstorming, technical and production problems to solve research and development of various technical issues.
    Steel Pipe Division, Electric Furnace assume smelting task and Baosteel Research Institute staff work closely with, the use of finite element control model, control plan, train schedules, nine scheduled "and other technical means and management methods, refinement of operations to strengthen the test track. effectively grasp the state of the smelting. After more than 20 rounds of tests, the capture of the bearing steel casting problems, various types of inclusions in control problems, a series of low magnification and ribbon carbides production difficulties, the success the smelting Grade3 bearing steel. Pipe Division, Rolling Mill and Special Steel Division Steel Rolling Mill in the early to give full play to existing equipment, advantages, successfully forging Grade3K carbon chromium bearing steel rods. In May last year, Baosteel bearing steel products passed SKF expert on-site certification.