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Bearing the high-end equipment manuf
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   11 to 12 October 2010, the Ministry of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, ZWZ and Xi'an Jiaotong University has hosted the high-end equipment manufacturing in bearing technology and industrial development of high-level seminar was held in Dalian. Participating 7 academicians and 17 experts believe that the bearing is important in the equipment manufacturing industry, critical infrastructure components, the focus must be made in terms of industrial development policy, technology development plans and planning layout; the bottleneck of China's high-end equipment manufacturing is the lack of high-end bearing, bearing also the "12th five-Year" period, the most likely to achieve the first breakthrough in the industry; the organization of scientific research forces to carry out the bearing of the basic theoretical research, high-end equipment bearings supporting the R & D and industrial base to support ZWZ .
   The ZWZ company chairman and general manager Wang Lu Shun bearings around the high-end technology development for the report entitled "Opportunity • Mission Statement • Responsibility • contribution around the products and technologies highlighted ZWZ significant in sixteen key areas of the country technical equipment bearings supporting the technology and product development; "12th five-Year" development planning and development goals; the ZWZ products and technology the future development of specific projects.
   Chinese Academy of Engineering Bingheng on behalf of the Group speech. Bingheng said, this seminar held in the central to the development of strategic emerging industries, and high-end equipment manufacturing into new industries, China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, bearing as the basic components of the equipment manufacturing industry plays a key role in the background held. The meeting engaged in design and manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, various experts in the field of materials processing, will jointly discuss the development of China bearing industry in the development of the national bearing industry to contribute their wisdom.